1st National E-Memorandum Writing Competition, 2018 which is to be organized on one of the major issues which is moreover being neglected into the modern world of our legal system, and that is MEN'S RIGHT.

The competition will indeed be an ideal platform to bring together some of the most creative and intellectual young minds from leading law schools around the globe to participate and witness their knowledge on research skills to be adjudged by a panel of experts.
Today in India men’s have been trying so hard for years after years, and no one has heard them. Men are HUMAN BEINGS too. Their life has to be valued and their stories need to be heard, the misconception that men are sexist intolerance, full of hatred towards women, ought to be replaced with more positivism and open mind. 
There are so many issues which are not highlighted in the media news and media trails. Men’s issue does not get the attention because in India society has already created start emphasizing more on women that they forgot about men who are human beings too.
With such motive and intention to make a step towards a change we, Lex Assisto in association with Advocling, has taken an initiative to organize one of its unique of it's type the Inaugural Edition of 1st National E-Memorandum Writing Competition, 2018.
"We will be grateful if you can register yourself and make a step towards to WIN exciting prizes."
Winning Prize Worth Rs. 1,00,000
We are attaching the Poster and the Brochure of the Inaugural Edition of 1st National E-Memorandum Writing Competition 2018.
Registration Fees:-
Individual Participation: Rs. 400
Double Participation (A Team): Rs. 750
Registration Link:
For any other query, you can contact us on the below mentioned number or reach us at infonmwc2018@gmail.com for any other doubt or query related to the sponsorship.
We will be waiting for your kind and positive response for the Inaugural Edition of 1st National E-Memorandum Writing Competition 2018. 
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