Hillwoods Academy Model United Nations Conference 2017
Solutio in Nostra Tellure
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”
In Times of Dying Debate, the Vigilantes are back! 
It gives us immense pleasure and distinct honor to invite you to the Fourth edition of Hillwoods Academy Model United Nations Conference’ 17.
After the phenomenal success of the previous editions, we are driven back in our pursuit to put forth a conference that will offer you an opportunity to rise up your game and confront the exhausting dilemmas with their rational & feasible panaceas.
With startling committees, exceptional executive board and a lot more; we strive to bring to you yet another extraordinary conference.
Hillwoods Academy since its inception is driven by the pursuit of nurturing learners to become responsible global citizens. Thrice in a row we have successfully collaborated with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC).
This year we aim to continue the legacy and provideyou with an unforgettable experience like never before.
HAMUNC'17 is to be held at Hillwoods Academy Preet Vihar, on 10th and 11th November
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 We are proud to present you with the enthralling Committees to be simulated at the fourth annual edition of Hillwoods Academy Model United Nations Conference along with the aspiring Executive Board Members.

  1. United Nations General Assembly (DISEC)-
    AGENDA: Terrorism In Mediterranean Region
    EXECUTIVE BOARD: Chairperson: Dikshant Malik
    Vice-Chairperson: Shorya Jain
    Rapporteur: Lakshaya Khurana
  2. United Nations Commission on the Status of Women-
    AGENDA:Driving the Gender-Responsive Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
    EXECUTIVE BOARD: Chairperson: Syeda Sana
    Vice-Chair Person: Nikhil Goyal
    Rapporteur: Harshit Prajapati
  3. United Nations Security Council-
    AGENDA:Situation in North Korea with reference to the recent missile tests.
    EXECUTIVE BOARD: Chairperson: Shayer Majumdar
    Vice-Chair Person: Hitesh Bhatia
    Rapporteur: Yash Rana
  4. All India Politcial Parties Meet-
    AGENDA:Uniform Civil Code and Women Rights
    Co-Moderator:Mani Bhushan Jha
    Co-Moderator: Chandni Ahuja
    Scribe: Hardik Malik

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