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About this course


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As infringement and counterfeiting cases have become more and more common, companies are constrained to initiate litigation for protection of their Intellectual Property rights. Moreover, with thousands of domain names registered each week, it’s inevitable that some might cause disputes. This course covers two of the sunrise segments in Intellectual Law practice, which are rarely even discussed in traditional law colleges.

The Advanced Certificate is designed to help the learner develop a detailed understanding of procedure involved in civil and criminal IP litigation as well as Domain Name Dispute Resolution under Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and .IN Dispute Resolution Policy.

Using our exceptional depth in training law students and legal professionals on practical aspect of law, we have developed this course in way that enables the learner to tackle the substantive as well as procedural problems faced by legal professionals in protecting their client’s Intellectual Property assets and domain names.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification and therefore, the learner is not required to have any prior Knowledge of Intellectual Property Laws or experience.

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What you will learn


Our courses aim to strengthen your practical knowledge and skills which are highly valued by employers. Once you finish this course you will have working knowledge about:

  • Strategies for adoption among various remedies i.e. when to use Civil and when to use Criminal IP litigation;
  • Procedure and nuances involved in Civil and Criminal IP Litigation;

Procedure involved in Domain Name Dispute Resolution for gTLDS and ccTLDS.


Recommended Background

This Course is most beneficial for the law students / legal professionals who are looking for employment opportunities in the field of Intellectual Property law. However, it is also recommended for Chartered accountants, Company secretaries, Engineers, Scientists, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs interested in learning IP Litigation and Domain Name Dispute Resolution.


Special Features of this Course

  • Internship Guarantee in prominent Law Firms and Companies to Top 5 performers in this Course.
  • A Recommendation Letter will be issued to all successful students of this Course to increase their chances of being hired by top legal employers in India.
  • This Course has been designed after extensive Consultation with the prominent names in the IP Profession. The cumulative experience of Advisory Board involved in designing the Course is more than 150 Years.
  • All lectures under this Course are delivered by practicing professionals having considerable experience in the field of Trademark law.
  • This is the only course available to students in India which focuses specially upon IP Litigation and Domain Name Dispute Resolution.
  • We don’t follow the outdated evaluation system used in most of the law schools, which at best assess the memory power of students. During the Assessments and Examinations students are allowed and even encouraged to use relevant Books and Internet. Our Evaluation System attempt to simulate the experience of working in an IP Boutique law firm or as an in-house IP Counsel.
  • All Assignments and Examinations can be submitted online through our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS). Students are not required to attend any Physical or Contact Classes.

Examination Pattern and Certification

In order to receive the Certification, Participants need to complete the whole Course and score at least 50% marks in Final Examination.

The questions in the Final Examination will be a combination of subjective and multiple choice questions (single answer and multiple answers). Participants will be given two hours in toto to attempt the Final Examination. However, every question in the Examination will have a fixed allotted time period, within which the Participant will have to submit the answer for that particular question. The surplus time in attempting any question will not be carried forward to other questions.

If there is some error with the internet connection or the computer Participant is using, he / she will be able to resume the Examination from the same question at any later point of time. However, this feature can only be availed up to three times by Participants.

Unlike typical examinations, the Final Examination at the end of this Course will not be conducted on a fixed date, time or place. Final Examination will be online and can be taken by the Participants from anywhere. First Attempt of the Final Examination can be taken on any date between 1st and 2nd Month from the Start of the Batch as per their convenience.

The results of the Examination will be communicated to the Participant within one week of the successful completion of the Final Examination.

If the Participant gets more than 50% marks in this attempt, he/she will be awarded with a certificate of completion of the Course.

If the Participant fails to clear the examination in first attempt, they will be provided with two more attempts. The link to second attempt will be available to Participants immediately after the link of First Attempt expires i.e., 2 Months from the starting date of the Batch. The second attempt will be available to Participants for a period of next 15 Days. Similarly, the Participants will also get a Third Attempt, the link if which will be activated 2 Months and 15 days from starting of the Batch and will be available to the Participants for a period of next 15 days. Thus, Participants will have access to this Course for 3 Months in total and will have three attempts to pass the Final Examination, which can be available to them as per the Schedule mentioned above.

The Certificate of Completion of course will be sent to the Participants by E-mail.



  1. Introduction to IP Litigation
  2. Civil Litigation
  3. Criminal Litigation and Raids
  4. Introduction to Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  5. Procedure in Domain Dispute Resolution

Detailed Syllabus:

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